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Azeem Banatwalla Stand Up Comedian, Comedy Videos, Shows, Bio, Wiki, Age and Twitter

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Azeem Banatwalla: Clocking in added than 150 shows every year, Azeem Banatwalla is one of the best in-demand comics in the country, and was rated as one of the top comedians in the country by CNN-IBN. Employing his Bawa sixth faculty and acerbic wit, Azeem’s ball cuts through like a knife, proving to be auspicious and badly engaging. He has two actor specials to his name: Out of My System and Cometh the Hour, the closing of which is on Amazon Prime. He has aggregated the date with all-embracing acts such as Dwayne Perkins, Andy Zaltzman and Ron Josol. He is an affiliate of accepted ball aggregate East India Company and has performed account comedy, contemporary account ball (EIC Outrage) and specials such as EIC vs Bollywood. He is currently alive on new ball actual on stage. Follow Smashplex website to watch more Azeem Banatwalla Comedy Videos.

Azeem Banatwalla

Azeem Banatwalla Stand Up Comedian, Comedy Videos, Shows, Bio, Wiki, Age and Twitter:

Two factors anon set afar Azeem Banatwalla at any actor ball gig – his acme (6’3’’), and his cheerleaders (a tightknit aggregation of colleagues from ACK Media’s “National Geographic Traveller India”). The angular 24-year-old has a winning, absurd faculty of humour, conceivably best sampled in his intelligent, self-deprecatory observations on his association of Gujarati Muslims. Here in this post we have collected some of the best Comedy videos.


Old People in India:

Bajrangi Bhaijan vs Indian Legal Sytem:

Irritating Indian Bikers:

Twitter id of Azeem Banatwalla is @TheBanat
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